Imagine this:

Your users are able to customize start page of your application and create their own dashboards using your dashlets.

And you develop dashlets as regular Asp.Net user controls - ascx files. So cool ? And now even easy!

Dashboards are great ways for end users to understand and monitor current status of their business.

With JDash.Net, you allow them to create and design their own dashboards using desktop or mobile devices with simple drag-drops. Result is highly satisfied happy customers and reduced maintenance costs.

Key features

  • Responsive design. Mobile and desktop fully supported.
  • Seemlessly integratable into your application.
  • Use your current Asp.Net skills for development.
  • Supports multiple layouts, not limited to only columns.
  • Database and browser independent. MsSQL and MySql included.

About this demo

Purpose of this application is to demonstrate features and powerful architecture of JDash.Net. Demo is open source and download package includes source code.

  • Have a look at your first dashboard.
  • Click "Home Dashboard" button on top of page to open a list of dashboards.
  • Use Create link on toolbar to create a dashboard for you.
  • Use Add Dashlet link to add some dashlets. We demonstrated image/javascript based charts from different vendors in Sample Visualizations tab.
  • Resize your browser or view this demo on your tablet or mobile phone to see responsive design capabilities.

About Dashlets

Demo includes dashlets which may use 3rd party libraries or products. Please refer to their own documentation for licensing options of 3rd party libraries.

Developer notes

It only takes 60 seconds to get started with JDash.Net

Simply, develop regular Asp.Net user controls – ascx. JDash.Net automatically converts your user controls to drag-drop dashlets which in turn your users use dashlets to design their dashboards. It only takes 60 seconds to get started with JDash.Net using your current Asp.Net knowledge.

No JavaScript skill is required. All page lifecycle and dynamic control creation is handled intelligently by JDash.Net.


Browse some great dashboards ?

Sample Visualizations Data Analysis

Maybe create an empty dashboard ?


Implement Asp.Net user controls – ascx files.


Converts them into drag-drop dashlets.


Design their dashboards using dashlets!


All done with Asp.Net Web Forms!